A key aspect of catalyzing interdisciplinary interactions around the theme of Molecular Signaling is to enhance availability of high end instrumentation. Because of the wide array of approaches used by participants, it is very important to have sophisticated analytical equipment available across the institution, including the research core labs present within Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  Faculty across departments and campuses with common interests in signaling have already begun to work together to be competitive for external instrumentation support.

The Biology Department’s microscopy facility is managed by Dr. Glen Marrs.  This facility houses a Zeiss 710 laser scanning confocal microscope, which was expanded with the support of a CMS supported NSF proposal.  Similarly, the Chemistry department’s  Mass spectroscopy facility run by Dr. Kim Nelson has an Orbitrap Mass spectrometer used by CMS members.  The purchase of this instrument comes from a recent NSF grant submitted in collaboration between chemistry and CMS faculty.

Funding in Support of equipment

  • “Acquisition of a user-accessible Q-TOF mass spectrometer” NSF, June 21, 2009; funded at $442,102.  PI Colyer, CoI Alexander.
  • “MRI: Acquisition of accessories to upgrade a confocal microscope used for research and teaching at WFU” NSF, 2010; $258,251. PI McCauley, CoIs Muday, Johnson, King, and Bonin.