February 15, 2018 Biomodeling Working Group Meeting

Improvements in bioinformatic classification approaches (clustering, iterative searches) applied to peroxiredoxins

Leslie Poole
Department of Biochemistry, WFU School of Medicine
February 15, 2018
Wake Downtown
In 2011, research between the Fetrow and Poole labs was published and results were made accessible through a web-based, searchable “PREX” database that provides definitive subclasses for >3500 peroxiredoxin sequences found in GenBank as of October 2011.  Continued development of the bioinformatics tools and repeated application to the growing number of peroxiredoxins in the database has now extended these findings, with over 38,000 peroxiredoxins sequences verified and subclassified.  Advances included improvements in the profiling approach (DASP), clustering, and iterative searching processes used to optimize the classification based on features proximal to the active sites of these proteins. These efforts are a major advance toward the goal of automated classification of protein families in the future.

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